Non-Certified Scuba Diving At 'Wonder Wall' On Outer Edge Upolu Reef and Upolu Cay Reef

No experience required! Ocean Freedom’s professional crew of qualified dive instructors will introduce you to the wonderful world of scuba diving on the amazing Great Barrier Reef. You will never forget your first dive, breathing underwater and the feeling of total weightlessness. Many people tell us it is the most amazing experience of their life!

Over the years we have helped many nervous guests overcome their initial fears, to become raving scuba diving fans. How do we achieve these results? Comprehensive, informative dive briefings are provided on the way to Upolu Cay. Everything you need to know is clearly, slowly explained, including scuba diving equipment, underwater communication signals, how to gently equalise pressure, safety and procedures. Ask as many questions as you like, there are no silly questions! This is a handheld 2 divers to one instructor (normal ratio is 4 :1 on other boats) so all you need to learn are a few basic skills and you will be under constant supervision of your instructor. We also do not plummet you down into the deep! Your dive will be in about 5-6 M depth – you can see the bottom and the surface  and all the colour is within the first 10M so it is a great depth for your very first dive! You become one with nature surrounded by all our marine friends coming to greet you. The only problem is that you will become addicted to it …but that is Ok as we love to take you again and we also have another Great Barrier Reef Tour we do Ocean Free Sail to Great barrier Reef and Green Island . If you decide to dive there or on Ocean Freedom again  the price, thereafter for any repeat dives will be at the price we advertise for the 2nd non-certified dive – bonus ! Happy diving!

**You will be required to fill out a dive medical questionnaire (supplied on the boat) to ensure that you have no medical problems (past or present) or taking any medication that may be contradictory to diving. Certain medical conditions and /or medication may prevent you from diving.  Your safety is paramount to us – please ensure you answer truthfully. If optional diving is important to you on the day, and to ensure there are no disappointments on the day (our crew cannot make medical decisions on the day) please let us know (e: +61  / ph: +61 7 40521111) if you are taking any medications or past or present medical conditions so we can advise whether medical clearance from a QLD diving doctor is required prior to your day of travel . We also have 24 hr medical centres in Cairns where you can get this done.

Your Non-Certified Dive Package Includes

Scuba diving lesson (subject to no contra-indications to diving **), tuition and a few skills taught and tested on board and also in the water  holding onto a bar . Top quality  diving equipment (including Wet / Stinger Suit) and a  30 minute hand-held, fully guided (2 divers to one instructor) scuba dive. Our Non-Certified dive program is suitable for anyone and everyone. No previous experience is required. On arrival at the reef introductory divers are placed in small groups with qualified dive instructors. The maximum group size is 2 divers per instructor, but smaller groups are available, including one on one tuition, for the very nervous.

Fully Guided, Keeping You Safe

Entering the water with your instructor, you will first descend to only about one metre, so you can become comfortable breathing underwater before you go too deep. Once everyone has signalled their comfort, the dive instructor will take you by the hand and guide you around the Great Barrier Reef. Your first introductory dive will last approximately 30 minutes. Ocean Freedom is also pleased to offer its non-Certified divers a money back guarantee. If you try the dive and after 5 minutes you don’t like it, then you can get out and not pay a cent! We urge you to give diving a go – you won’t regret it!

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