Introductory Scuba Diving At 'Wonder Wall' On Outer Edge Upolu Reef and Upolu Cay Reef

No experience required! Ocean Freedom’s professional crew of qualified dive instructors will introduce you to the wonderful world of scuba diving on the amazing Great Barrier Reef. You will never forget your first dive, breathing underwater and the feeling of total weightlessness. Many people tell us it is the most amazing experience of their life!

Over the years we have helped many nervous guests overcome their initial fears, to become raving scuba diving fans. How do we achieve these results? Comprehensive, informative dive briefings are provided on the way to Upolu Cay. Everything you need to know is clearly, slowly explained, including scuba diving equipment, underwater communication signals, safety and procedures. Ask as many questions as you like, the more you know the better experience you will have.

You will be required to fill out a dive medical questionnaire (supplied on the boat) to ensure that you have no medical problems (past or present) or taking any medication that may be contradictory to diving. Certain medical conditions and / or medication may prevent you from diving. If you are uncertain about this, please enquire when you make your reservation.

Intro Dive Prices

Includes all tuition and equipment.

Your Introductory Dive Package Includes

Scuba diving lesson, tuition and a few skill tests on board and holding onto a bar in the water. Top quality Scubapro diving equipment (including Wet / Stinger Suit). 30 minute hand-held, fully guided scuba dive. Our introductory dive program is suitable for anyone and everyone. No previous experience is required. On arrival at the reef introductory divers are placed in small groups with qualified dive instructors. The maximum group size is 2 divers per instructor, but smaller groups are available, including one on one tuition, for the very nervous.

Fully Guided, Keeping You Safe

Entering the water with your instructor, you will first descend to only about one metre, so you can become comfortable breathing underwater before you go too deep. Once everyone has signalled their comfort, the dive instructor will take you by the hand and guide you around the Great Barrier Reef. Your first introductory dive will last approximately 30 minutes. Ocean Freedom is also pleased to offer its introductory divers a money back guarantee. If you try the dive and after 5 minutes you don’t like it, then you can get out and not pay a cent! We urge you to give diving a go – you won’t regret it!

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Covid -19 Update JUNE 3rd 2020

Covid -19 Update JUNE 3rd 2020

Covid -19 Update JUNE 3rd 2020

Further to our last communications – we have had some welcome news this week, with the lifting of some border restrictions – a little earlier  than originally expected – GREAT  news that we can now welcome all our QLD neighbours – thank you collectively to all QLD for all your efforts and to the Premier for doing this.


 We continue to work very hard on making the boats look great and on our COVID-19 safe procedures and we will be operating from July 3rd initially staggering our dates – please send us an e-mail if you have any queries .

We understand that there are some ongoing negotiations for perhaps the interstate borders opening a little earlier too – let’s  keep respecting the  health and hygiene rules and social distancing wherever possible and download the COVID -19 safety app so any small outbreaks can be managed quickly and effectively – so the premiers can feel confident that we are safe to open and allow this to happen earlier …fingers crossed .. So all of you potential interstate guests please don’t give up hope yet for your “summer in the winter” holiday in the beautiful warm tropics – we may yet be able to welcome you too – we shall keep you posted !

And on a DEFINITE  NOTE – We are VERY excited to WELCOME  ALL our QLD neighbours and can’t wait to show you our beautiful region – we all know how truly beautiful the whole of QLD is and never a better time for all of us to now see our own backyard and get QLD back on its feet !

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Taryn, Perry , Jazz , Miah (the little furry thing ) and our extended Ocean Free & Freedom family xxx

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