Operational Update – 11th May 2020

Revised Predicted Start Date Of July 12th, 2020

Great news as we are now in the early stages of lifting restrictions. However, unfortunately, we are still unable to operate within the present limitations.

  • We are working, with our industry, as hard as we can, to ensure we are ready, when restrictions are lifted, to viably operate.
  • As previously stated, we do not have a crystal ball but will need to extend our next predicted start date to July 12th 2020 .
  • We expect that when we do start to return it will, at first, be on specific scheduled days and we will need a minimum number of passengers to make it viable. So, we ask to please accept some flexibility and a lot of patience as we attempt to start our journey back.
  • We know we have some guests who have already booked for June and we are very grateful for your support and so sorry that we are unable to operate at this stage– Sophie or Kerry will be in touch this week for you to reschedule, if you can. As stated in our previous update, any bookings made which we are unable to honour and which you are unable, or not willing, to reschedule will receive full refunds.
  • At this stage we are still bound by many restrictions so can only make predictions of start dates – please return to this site for updates or if you would like to be added to our “potential guest list” with further updates please e-mail us with your interest on info@oceanfree.com.au

Thank you once again for your support.

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