Great Barrier Reef Upolu Cay Reef & Outer Edge Upolu Reef Tour

Ocean Freedom has two stunning destinations, one close to Upolu Cay and the other on the outer edge of Upolu Reef. Both are a part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. This area is approximately 348,700 square kilometers, running along the Queensland coastline from just north of Bundaberg to the tip of the Cape York Peninsula, over 2,300 kilometers in length.

The Great Barrier Reef is made up of over 2,900 reefs. This includes 760 fringing reefs and 300 coral cays. Upolu Cay Reef (16-046) is a middle-shelf Planar Reef within the Cairns Section at latitude 16°40.5′ longitude 145°56′. Both of our destinations have been carefully chosen for their natural beauty and ability to deliver a first class Great Barrier Reef experience.

Upolu Cay Reef

A beautiful coral formation surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water. It is a moving, changing system: its shape and size change with the currents, wind and wave action. In certain conditions when the cay is visible and conditions allow, guests are actually able to land on the Cay. Ensure you get some photos at this memorable location, a pristine patch in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef.

Outer Edge Upolu Reef Tour

Upolu Reef boasts the amazing “Wonder Wall” streaming with sea life. Crew comment that they have never seen so many different “nemo” species on one site! Learn more about this amazing ecosystem on a guided adventure drift snorkel tour with our marine naturalist. He will point out the different types of coral, fish and marine critters, explaining their life cycle and importance to the reef environment.

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Covid -19 Update JUNE 3rd 2020

Covid -19 Update JUNE 3rd 2020

Covid -19 Update JUNE 3rd 2020

Further to our last communications – we have had some welcome news this week, with the lifting of some border restrictions – a little earlier  than originally expected – GREAT  news that we can now welcome all our QLD neighbours – thank you collectively to all QLD for all your efforts and to the Premier for doing this.


 We continue to work very hard on making the boats look great and on our COVID-19 safe procedures and we will be operating from July 3rd initially staggering our dates – please send us an e-mail if you have any queries .

We understand that there are some ongoing negotiations for perhaps the interstate borders opening a little earlier too – let’s  keep respecting the  health and hygiene rules and social distancing wherever possible and download the COVID -19 safety app so any small outbreaks can be managed quickly and effectively – so the premiers can feel confident that we are safe to open and allow this to happen earlier …fingers crossed .. So all of you potential interstate guests please don’t give up hope yet for your “summer in the winter” holiday in the beautiful warm tropics – we may yet be able to welcome you too – we shall keep you posted !

And on a DEFINITE  NOTE – We are VERY excited to WELCOME  ALL our QLD neighbours and can’t wait to show you our beautiful region – we all know how truly beautiful the whole of QLD is and never a better time for all of us to now see our own backyard and get QLD back on its feet !

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Taryn, Perry , Jazz , Miah (the little furry thing ) and our extended Ocean Free & Freedom family xxx

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