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When you access the Internet, the computers that host Web sites you visit (Web servers) automatically receive some anonymous information. This “usage data” may include a record of which pages a Web browser has visited.

Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tour’s servers receive usage data when customers visit one of our web sites. Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tour may use usage data to provide advertising about goods and services that may be of interest to Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tour’s customers, or to provide customised features and services. Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tour’s will not use information about your activities on the Internet together with any information that identifies you without your consent.

Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours may use advertising companies to deliver ads on some Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours’ Web sites. The advertising companies may also receive some anonymous information about ad viewing by Internet users on Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tour’s Web sites and other Internet sites. This information may be associated with a customer’s Web browser, but cannot be associated with a name or e-mail address without the customer’s permission (this means that advertising companies may know where your computer goes on the Internet, but they don’t know who you are unless you tell them). Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours does not supply customer identifiable information to advertising companies or to individual advertisers or other third parties. If you go to another Web site, including an advertiser’s Web site (for example by clicking on an ad), and request information or enter a contest, be aware that you may be authorizing another company, including an advertising company, to use information you supply. Find out more about the advertising companies that deliver ads on Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours’ Web sites, read their privacy policies, and choose whether to let them collect information about what you do on the Internet..

Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours and its advertisers may use various kinds of software devices to collect information about Internet use. Small files called “cookies” may be attached to your Web browser.

These files identify your browser and save information such as passwords so that Web sites can recognise you. You can set your browser to disable cookies, but some Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours’ Web sites (and other Web sites) may not work properly if you do this.


Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours will not sell, trade, or disclose to third parties any customer identifiable information derived from the registration for or use of any Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours online service – including customer names and addresses — without the consent of the customer (except when legally required to in the case of imminent physical harm to the customer or others). When Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours uses other agents, contractors or companies to perform services on its behalf, Cairns Premier Reef and Island Tours will ensure that the company protects your customer identifiable information consistent with this Policy.

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Covid -19 Update JUNE 3rd 2020

Covid -19 Update JUNE 3rd 2020

Covid -19 Update JUNE 3rd 2020

Further to our last communications – we have had some welcome news this week, with the lifting of some border restrictions – a little earlier  than originally expected – GREAT  news that we can now welcome all our QLD neighbours – thank you collectively to all QLD for all your efforts and to the Premier for doing this.


 We continue to work very hard on making the boats look great and on our COVID-19 safe procedures and we will be operating from July 3rd initially staggering our dates – please send us an e-mail if you have any queries .

We understand that there are some ongoing negotiations for perhaps the interstate borders opening a little earlier too – let’s  keep respecting the  health and hygiene rules and social distancing wherever possible and download the COVID -19 safety app so any small outbreaks can be managed quickly and effectively – so the premiers can feel confident that we are safe to open and allow this to happen earlier …fingers crossed .. So all of you potential interstate guests please don’t give up hope yet for your “summer in the winter” holiday in the beautiful warm tropics – we may yet be able to welcome you too – we shall keep you posted !

And on a DEFINITE  NOTE – We are VERY excited to WELCOME  ALL our QLD neighbours and can’t wait to show you our beautiful region – we all know how truly beautiful the whole of QLD is and never a better time for all of us to now see our own backyard and get QLD back on its feet !

 Please book online or send us an email

Taryn, Perry , Jazz , Miah (the little furry thing ) and our extended Ocean Free & Freedom family xxx

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